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Business Systems Consulting

Providing Everything You Need


Whether designing a new Intranet from scratch, migrating from one platform to another, or making some incremental improvements to an existing Intranet – we always start in the same place. With your people.


A typical Intranet project with BJC Training & Systems Solutions involves engagement with stakeholders from across the entire business, not just a select few managers. A combination of team-based workshops, and individually targeted online surveys ensure that:

  • Everyone has a stake in the success of your Intranet. You have that magic buy in that is so important for IT projects.

  • By placing your people at the centre of the conversation right from the beginning, you are ensuring that business value is being defined at a grassroots level.

By the end of the discovery phase of the project, you’ll have a requirements document that puts business value front and foremost. Value defined in the words of your people, and linked directly to them.


By the end of the design phase, you’ll have a set of features and effort estimates that can be mapped directly back to business value and the people and groups who think it’s important.

Information Management

We work with you to define a clear Information Management Strategy, aligning with business objectives and priorities, identifying risks, and creating a roadmap for success.

Our experienced team will help you validate current issues and communicate the future vision to your stakeholders in clear language, with compelling examples specific to your organisation. Our goal is to help you document a realistic picture of where you are today and understand how you can move to a future confident that information is working for you.

Afterwards, decision makers will be equipped with a clear, actionable roadmap, confident that the needs of the organisation have been understood and that best practice IM practice has been incorporated. Empowering you to maximise the value of your information assets moving forward.


Digital Strategy & Architecture

BJC Training & Systems Solutions Digital Strategy and Architecture practice provides strategic planning and holistic architectural services and governance, ensuring you build the right solutions, in the right place to achieve your strategic goals.

  • Enterprise architecture services that provide strategic insights and roadmaps enabling your business to deliver your key long term objectives

  • Holistic architecture services that address the four key architecture domains of business, data, applications and technology

  • Architecting solutions leveraging the entire Microsoft stack, including Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Azure.


Business Automation

BJC Training & Systems Solutions specialise in Power Platform development including Power Automate, Power Apps and Power BI solutions.

Application examples:

  • Onboarding process
    Support the successful onboarding of resources and customers with an extension to your Sales CRM system, incorporating Power Apps.

  • Compliance management
    Manage compliance with regulations and standards for your industry with automated review cycles and corrective actions. Built and automated with Power Platform.

  • Risk management
    Enable staff to register and manage risks to your business on a secure cloud platform, with BJC Training & Systems Solutions Risk Manager built on the Power Platform.


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